The lessons are held in an informal setting and based on a conversational approach.
Your questions on grammar and Italian culture are always welcome.

During the length of the course you will be able to write to us for any kind of “linguistic emergency”.
So, if you need help with your exercises, if you don’t understand a saying or the words to a song, don’t worry about it, just drop us a line.

During the lessons you will be able to choose from many activities such as watching short movies, listening to dialogues, reading short stories and newspaper articles, playing grammar games and a lot of conversation.

1. The following is a lesson plan for an intermediate student

  • Listening to an actual interview with an italian tour guide
  • Role game. Preparing for and acting out an interview
  • Constructing a brief dialogue with your teacher’s help with pronunciation and intonation
  • Verbal practice of grammar based on a subject encounterd during a lesson

2. The following is a lesson plan for a group
    of 3 students at the Beginner level

  • Conversation based on the subject of the last reading
  • Grammatical enrichment based on the last reading
  • Practice of grammar using a role game
  • Watching a short Italian movie with following discussion