Manuel Nobili
Teacher of the Italian Language to speakers of a different language.
Graduated from the DILIT International House in Rome, Italy, an avant guarde institute in teacher training.
In Italy he worked in Rome and in Frosinone for language schools specifically designed for speakers of a different language and Community Centres.
After relocating to Edinburgh, he worked as a teacher for the Council and for some language schools.
In October 2009 he set up Edinburgh Italian Classes.

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Michele Zanobini
Michele studied Classics at the University of Florence (Italy), where he received both a BA (2008) and a Master degree (2010).
In the Summer 2011 he moved to Baltimore (USA) to take up a graduate fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University where, in the Summer 2016, he will be awarded a both second Master degree in Classics and a PhD in Italian Studies and Neo-Latin literature.
Throughout this five year program, he combined his activity of academic researcher with that of teaching assistant.
He taught eight undergraduate seminars on the Italian language, literature, history and culture along with Classical and Italian Studies.

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